Create and define your own dream kitchen with us. 

Custom hand drawn landscape slumped glass splashback
  • Create an illusion of space and make even the smallest kitchen feel large and open!
  • Gives you superior quality & durability, while remaining grout free and being easy to maintain and clean.
  • Our hand made style allows your custom splashback to be a real work of art. 

Whatever you may be planning for your own kitchen, an Escape Glass splashback is a great and easy way to update your kitchen’s design and inject colour.

Glass is one of the most common materials for splashbacks in New Zealand homes. Escape Glass offers coloured, textured, tinted, printed or mirrored glass options. 

Because glass also reflects light, it will generally lighten and brighten your kitchen. Add the creative use of LED lights and down lights and you can create a truly unique and atmospheric dining setting.

How can something so beautiful be so practical?

Back-painted glass splashbacks in Float or Slumped/Textured are available in any Resene colour giving you the freedom to work with the rest of your colour scheme.

“For the best colour result, it always pays to check the glass type that is being used,” advises Resene’s Karen Warman. “Low iron oxide clear glass shows true colour, while standard glass does not. Standard glass tends to have a greenish tinge to it.”

As the paint and patterns are applied to the back of the glass it is well protected and the smooth surface area can easily be cleaned, with no cracks or grouting that kitchen grease or nasties can get stuck in. 

Black Slumped ferm impression glass splashback made in new zealand kitchen

Reflect Personality in your home. 

Create a piece of glass that not only doubles as a splash back to protect your walls but a piece of artwork as well. At Escape Glass we have worked with many clients on custom pieces for their kitchens from coffee cups and cows to landscapes and quotes, there isn't much we cant do.

We are also able to apply photographic images or abstract patterns to your glass. Choose your own or discuss options with our graphic designer.  

Escape Glass is often chosen for that customised all important finishing touch. Toughened slumped glass splashbacks, cupboard door inserts, counter tops and bench or table tops are our specialty.

Visit our splashback gallery for more inspiration and please contact us to discuss your ideas, the options are endless.

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Re slumped splashback invercargill new zealand toughened glass green anaglyptic wallpaper pattern lime made in new zealand clear flat glass splashback in kitchen with LED downlighting NZ custom made

Clear slumped glass scene splashback new zealand kicthen hand made in new zealand
 Blue with white cabinets glass slumped splashback Upstand and custom drawn splashback in grey    

Click for more images:   KITCHEN GLASS GALLERY