Colour Chart

Our glass splashbacks are all custom made to order meaning we have the ability to customise colours. Colours can be chosen in-store from our wide range of samples or made to match any colour from the full Resene or Dulux colour ranges.  This ensures your new splashback blends seamlessly with your existing colour scheme.

Colour samples for slumped glassWe encourage our customers to take samples home. With a wide range of colours in store to choose from, in a variety of patterns, you can then clearly see how they would look in your own environment. 
Custom samples can be made for a small fee if you have a colour already in mind. The options are endless. 
 Colour wheel

 Below are our standard colours and a selection of Popular Resene colours ranging from Periglacial Blue, Foggy Grey and Basalt  to Duck Egg Blue, Matakana and Double Truffle + more. There may be a cost for custom colours for smaller jobs - please enquire. 

       Popular resene colours such as new denim blue, foggy grey, fuscous grey, periglacial blue and more

For more choice use the Dulux Colour Atlas - it's a handy helpful tool to ensure you get the perfect colour.

Escape Glass Slumped Cast glass also comes in a variety of tints. 
Blue Tint, Green Tint, Clear (slight green tint) Crystal Clear (Low Iron), Bronze, Grey and Blue Green.

clear glass cast glass slumped natural tint

Clear Glass

Low Iron Slumped cast glass tint

Low Iron Glass

grey tint glass - cast glass slumped

Grey Tint

grey glass - cast slumped glass tint

Bronze Tint

Blue glass - cast slumped glass tint

Blue Tint

Green glass - Cast slumped glass colour tint

Green Tint

Blue Green glass - Cast slumped glass colour tint

Blue Green Tint



Myth 1: My Selected Colour Will Look Different Behind the Glass.

Many glass producers use iron in their productions. The problem with iron is how it can react with many paints and colours. 

In regular “clear” glass, the iron content creates a greenish tint, which is fine when using darker colours or bright colours. 

That’s why if you are choosing your own neutral colour or would prefer a white or neutral finish premium manufacturers, like Escape Glass, will always use low-iron glass for higher quality and more accurate colouring.

Features of low-iron glass include better:

  • Transparency
  • Light transmission
  • Brightness and
  • Colour restitution.

In fact, low-iron glass improves transparency by 4-5% over regular clear glass.

This means that your selected colour will show through the glass with the utmost clarity.

Myth 2: Flat and slumped Glass Splashbacks Only Work with Solid Colours.

While a solid paint colour is certainly a great option, it is by no means the only option. When most people think of a solid colour splashback, they envision the paint with a standard finish.

Designers often pick this finish type to pair with wall colours, cabinetry, finishings and/or furniture to create a solid, eye-catching focal point in the space, think of it like a feature wall.

Thanks to cutting-edge glazing techniques, however, you can apply paints with other finish types to incorporate elements of depth and movement as well such as a metallic finish. Metallics, for instance, pair well with modern stainless-steel appliances. It is one of the most popular glass splashback colour finishes we provide. A pearled or sparkled finish helps create a textured effect where the colour will shimmer behind the glass, this works well on low iron glass when painted white.

For an emphasis on colour movement, consider textured or slumped glass over a flat coated panel. Learn more about Slumped glass here.

Different textures, from straight lines or clean geometrical patterns, to more natural patterns like waves, swirls or a seemingly random design, result in an attractive, interesting visual element, creating another dimension to an interior space.

Myth 3: The Selected Colour Might Lose Its Appeal Over Time

Over the decades, kitchens have seen a number trends come and go. In recent years, kitchen designers have favoured concepts based on the indoor-outdoor theme, open floor plans, brightness, texture and the strong use of raw materials.

These design elements explain why glass splashbacks for kitchens have become so popular, as well as their low maintenance draw card. Installing this feature helps accent all of them.

Yet there is always going to be some risk. No one wants to opt for a painted glass splashback behind the cooktop and then discover the colour has gone out of style.

Luckily, you can take steps to ensure the splashback — and the kitchen as a whole — achieves timeless style.

For instance, selecting a neutral colour such as a light shade of grey or an off-white emphasises the reflective quality of the glass while blending into neutrals, whites and earth tones of the other kitchen elements.

Or a vibrant blue or believe it or not even a pink glass splashback combined with whites and greys can accentuate any kitchen.

Looking for an earthier kitchen feel?
Combining a dark grey glass splashback paint colour in the kitchen with matching cabinets enables you to emphasise raw material elements such as light wood flooring, stone countertops and wood accents.

Beyond evoking timeless themes, you can use the splashback to highlight specific details. The colour can match major features such as the benchtop, the appliances or the floors. Or take an even more creative approach and match to smaller details such as light fixtures or island seats.

One current popular trend is to match the colour of the glass splashback with the colour of the glass island kickstand panel. This pairing can bring a whole kitchen together.

Myth 4: Any Paint Will Work with the Splashback

All Escape Glass splashbacks are painted with premium-quality Resene and/or Dulux Paints in absolutely any shade you like.

Their ever-expanding collection of low sheen, semi-gloss and matte paints maintain their vibrancy for years. With these paints, you’ll get the exact colour that fits your design style.

Summary: There Are Endless Possibilities for Glass Splashback Colours in Kitchens

The colour, texture and finish possibilities mean the splashback can fit any kitchen configuration and style. A Splashback is a stunning kitchen feature that will improve the home’s overall value.

In addition, glass splashbacks aren’t solely limited to paint. Digital prints and mirrored glass options give designers even more options.

Digital prints or Picture splashbacks enable total customisation and allow you to showcase high-quality images, art and patterns.

Mirrored glass reflects open space and natural light to create heightened levels of spaciousness and openness.

So, contact us if you’re interested in installing a glass splashback in your next kitchen project.

Our team of experts can answer any questions you may have about laser-precision measuring, high-quality glass, fast turnaround times and professional installation.