Commissioned Art


We specialise in and have done many commissioned works over the years. They make unique and personal gifts and are always very well received.

The turn-around time for a bespoke art piece is anywhere from 14-20 working days depending on the complexity. We are able to provide hand drawn draft layouts - these are only a guideline as each piece is hand made there will always be artistic license used in the final product.

Our pricing is determined by size and complexity. there are a wide range of sizes and styles to choose from. Circle art glass works start at $300 and rectangular pieces from $350. 

So, if you have a favorite place, theme or image you want made into a glass artwork, or you just want us to create something unique and original please call us for a quote.  03 2145012.

On this page are some of the commissioned pieces we have created. 


Central Otago 'The hills' artwork - hand painting on glass  Blue Jet Plane Kiwiana Lolly     


We also make Custom clocks. 

Green and olives Tui Glass Clock Tui_Clock.jpg

This image has the tiki, whale and kowhai slumped into the back of the glass
This is an example of etching in the back of the glass. 

In order for us to provide a formal quote or more information please complete the following when contacting us:

1. Name: 
2. Phone number:
3. Email address:
4. Shipping address:
5. Glass Size:
6. Colour option - single colour? handpainted?
7. Shapes slumped into the glass art?:
8. Inscription information for face of glass (could be logo? message? dates?:
9. Would you like a slumped image in the back or one etched on the face or back - please see above for examples?
10. What type of base would you like?
11. How did you hear about us?
12. Any additional information/requests:

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