Architectural Glass

Escape Glass specialises in supplying and installing a wide range of architectural glass, including textured obscure and patterned slumped glass, catering to both privacy needs and personal tastes. 

Our collection of distinctive pattern glass adds elegance to any interior or exterior design, with applications ranging from cabinet and door inserts to shower enclosures, railings, and more. Toughened glass can be manufactured from pattern glass.

In homes, decorative pattern glass is becoming increasingly popular, and our experienced glass representatives can help you incorporate it into your design.

Slumped glass, also known as cast, textured, bent or curved glass, has gained significant popularity in architectural circles for its unique design possibilities and practical advantages. By heating and shaping glass over a mould, slumping allows for custom curves and bends, transforming buildings into visually stunning structures. This technique not only enhances aesthetic appeal but also offers versatility in applications such as windows, facades, skylights, and decorative elements.

One of the primary reasons slumped glass holds importance in architecture is its ability to create distinctive eye-catching designs.

Moreover, slumped glass manipulates light and transparency, creating dynamic spaces filled with natural illumination while maintaining privacy. Its ability to interact with light adds depth and visual interest to interiors, making it ideal for both residential and commercial environments.

Moreover, slumped glass offers versatility in terms of both form and function. 

In summary, Escape Glass offers a diverse selection of patterns in obscure slumped architectural glass, providing solutions that combine aesthetic appeal with functional excellence.

Escape Glass can supply many patterns in obscure slumped architectural glass. 

Our full range of patterns can be seen HERE. 

  • Slumped Glass is available in 6mm, 10mm, 12mm,15mm and 19mm (conditions apply).
               6 and 8mm is 3100x1250mm
               10 and 12mm is 3100x1200mm
  • Obscure Slumped glass patterned glass can be supplied in annealed and/or toughened/safety glass.
  • Colours available*: Clear Glass, Low Iron Green tint, Grey tint and Bronze tint.

*colours all subject to availability and not available in all thicknesses. 

clear glass cast glass slumped natural tint

Clear Glass

Low Iron Slumped cast glass tint

Low Iron Glass

grey tint glass - cast glass slumped

Grey Tint

grey glass - cast slumped glass tint

Bronze Tint

Green glass - Cast slumped glass colour tint

Green Tint



Interior Applications

Textured Glass Splashbacks
Textured Glass Showers
Textured Glass Partition Walls
Textured Glass Dividing Screens
Frameless Textured Glass Doors
Textured Glass Internal Glazing
Obscuring Textured Glass Windows 
Textured Glass Shower Screens & Wet Rooms
Textured Glass Bar fronts
Textured Glass Light Boxes
Textured Glass Cabinets
Textured Glass Signage
Textured Glass Tabletops
Textured Glass Shelving
Textured Glass sculpture & Artworks
Textured Glass Panels
Textured Glass Balustrade
Textured Glass Privacy Panels

      Some examples of reeded/corrugate glass: