Case Studies

We have put together some Case Studies to illustrate how we get the job done and deliver stunning results.



Queenstown hand drawn sliding barn style door - slumped glass


Company: Escape Glass
Client: Anderson
Location: Queenstown, New Zealand
Date: March 2021Use of Glass Award
Size: 2020 x 1800mm 


Escape Glass slumped glass panels were used to create a handmade sliding door with a custom drawn image of the clients view of the Remarkables, slumped in via refractory, for a new home in picturesque Queenstown. This was a stunning commissioned feature for a new build and was completed on the 31st March 2021.

Special Challenges We Faced

  • Drawing the image to the customers desired design from a supplied photograph of the view of The Remarkables from the new property.
  • Designing the refractory pieces to be cut cleanly and clearly. These shapes were then applied to our large glass panel before kiln firing. This was done in multiple pieces and placed on the glass like a large jigsaw puzzle.
    A pounce was created and a colour coding system made to ensure they were all lay out in the right place. 
    Refractory application on handmade slumped glass sliding door
  • The glass door was sent from Invercargill to Nelson to be toughened then back to Invercargill for transport to the job site in Queenstown. There is always a risk of the glass breaking during this process.
  • The slumped glass panel was 2200 x 1820mm that made this a challenge for our staff to get this in to the kiln and then installed on site. 

Products We Used

  • 10mm Clear Float Glass – supplied by Viridian
  • Hardware - sliding mechanism and handle
  • Refractory shapes cut from Creativity Plus, Invercargill


This is an incredible design that showcases what is achievable with unique glass processing and skilled glaziers. This sliding slumped glass door illustrates the best use of handmade slumped glass, as it is the only product that can create a timeless image, whilst providing light and functionality.

The clients view in the initial concept drawing with the box to show the door size/scale:

 Concept drawing of queenstown new zealand for a slumped glass barn sliding door

The refractory process: Colour coding the pieces and applying them.

refractory colour coded for a barn sliding door in queenstown refractory process for a bard sliding door in queenstown

Getting the Glass into the kiln:


Finished Product:

Queenstown hand drawn sliding barn style door - slumped glass