Headstones & Plaques

Personalised headstones just the way you want

Did you know... we have been making glass headstones for 15+ years and that we are one of the only manufacturers of these in New Zealand? We specialise in making the process as easy and seamless as possible for you. 

Our creations are unique, sturdy, beautiful and custom made. 
We can guarantee they will stand up to anything nature throws at them.

Our Glasstones are also:

- Non-pourous                    
- They reflect light 💠
- Stand out from the rest
- Eco-friendly 🌿
- Unique and custom made
- Long lasting - up to thousands of years!
- Shipped nationwide!
- Just as tough as granite

Headstone glass added to existing granite grave


Glasstones start at $2,750.00 inc GST. (Glass only).

600mm (H) x 400mm (W) x 48mm (D)
Weighing 50kg+

($2,750 inc GST for a standard 800x500mm)

A completed headstone varies in price from $5,000-$8,000 inc GST.

Custom headstones are available in the following colours -
- Low Iron
- Clear
- Green
- Blue
- Grey (appears almost black) 

Sizes and shapes are endless with examples below. Curved tops are very popular. 

granite vase block memorial plaque with glass inscription escape glass headstoneHEADSTONE PERSONALISATION

We encourage you to personalise each piece with names, dates & inscriptions and if you wish you can also add special touches including dedications, imagery, quotations & photos.

We manage the process of any inscriptions and photos making it seamless.
Please note: The image on a ceramic photo usually fades after around 100 years.

Escape Glass ensure that every glass headstone is a handcrafted bespoke piece of art that honours your loved ones, we have something to suit everyone.

Take a look through our different styles of headstones below or call to discuss
your options and any specific requirements or unique ideas. 


Glass plaques are also a great way to memorialise someone. Crematorium or vase front plaques are available in slumped glass. Each one is custom made and unique to your loved one. 
Plaques start from $365 inc gst. this is for a 
125mm x 250mm @10mm thick - Glass, inscription - up to 80 letters and draft mock up

Other sizes include 
130x275 - @10mm thick - Glass, inscription - up to 100 letters and draft mock up $425.00 inc GST
200x300 - @10mm thick - Glass, inscription - up to 100 letters and draft mock up $560.00 inc GST
250x350 - @10mm thick - Glass, inscription - up to 120 letters and draft mock up $740.00 inc GST

Custom sizes and pricing available on request additional letters for wording are $1.50 inc GST per letter.

Our Plaques are also available in other custom sizes and colours. Please talk to a staff member today for a quote - or email us using the form at the bottom of the page.  

Hand painting can be added to the front of our plaques for things such as flowers (such as the rose on this open book plaque design). 
Crematorium headstone glass plaque memorial granite stone Please note that the inscriptions and wording look best in gold or silver. 
All plaques are available in standard Escape Glass colours. See the colours HERE.

Fonts and imagery is all your choice and we can help with any image or word sourcing. 


We are able to provide granite and concrete bases. Please just mention this when enquiring. 
Your base can include up to two vase holes and a splay (slanted) or straight base design. Please see the example on the "Wyatt" headstone below. 

We can also provide a quote have wording inscribed into the base as well as the glass. 
Custom base options are also availabe on request such as polished concrete and coloured granite. 

These can be shipped nationwide along side your glasstone. 


We can arrange installation in the lower South Island or have your glass work shipped New Zealand wide.

If the headstone you have ordered is to be installed in Southland, we can arrange installation for you. Installation costs will depend on the location of the headstone and the amount of travel or work required to install the headstone, but generally you should budget in around $400+ for installation.

Most memorial gardens, crematoriums and cemeteries require a permit that will be added to the installation cost. It is also highly recommended you check for any size requirements as many cemeteries/Memorial Gardens have strict size restrictions.

Please get in touch with your local cemetery or memorial gardens/crematorium for their permit charges and information, or contact us on 03 2145012 or at sales@escapeglass.com and we can make contact on your behalf.

Please check all bylaws with individual councils before installing or purchasing glass headstones.  All headstones/memorials must be installed according to the NZS 4242:1995 NZ Standard Headstones and Cemetery Monuments.

Slumped green glass headstone with memorial ceramic plaque made in new zealand by escape glass

Wyatt Family:
It's amazing how they listen to all of our ideas then sit back 
and discuss with us offer their thoughts add them to ours and bam that's the 
end result. Absolutely bloody amazing what they can do when 6 peoples ideas 
are all mashed together. W
e could not of had a better headstone made and to 
top it all off we asked if it could be up before the 8th
July to which we knew
was going to be cutting it very fine
and again done finished and installed on the
5th. Absolutely Brilliant service fro
m Escape Glass and all other involved in this. 👍


Phone 03 2145012, email sales@escapeglass.com  

call in to our factory at 64 Forth Street, Invercargill to discuss. 

Headstone glass new zealand nz handmade custom Leaf glass shaped headstone new zealand escape glass custom hand madeShaped glass headstone new zealand hand made custom escape glass


Webb Headstone
Webb Family, Te Anau: "We would like you to know that we
are extremely happy with the glass headstone you
did for our daughter, We thank you for listening to us
and making it possible with what we wanted.
Once again thank you." 



We have agents located all over New Zealand (and sometimes further afield) ready to help with measuring jobs, installation and providing quotes and sample glass. Please call us 032145012 or email sales@escapeglass.com to find your nearest agent. 

In order for us to give you an accurate quote please answer the following questions and send them to sales@escapeglass.com

Phone number
Email address
Shipping address:

Glass size:
Glass thickness:
Glass colour (listed above):
Shape of glasstone:
Inscription information:
Would you like a ceramic photograph added?
Will you be adding a shape/drawing?
Will you be getting a concrete or granite base?
Shipped or installed locally?
How did you hear about us?
Any additional information/requests:

Inscription information:
Would you like a ceramic Photograph added:
Would you like any images drawn/slumped?
Will it require holes and mounts?
Shipped or installed locally?
How did you hear about us?
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