Footprints & Handprints

New Zealand's only manufacturer of hand and footprints cast into slumped glass. 

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Purchase an at home kit to create moulds of your childrens feet to send us if you cannot make it to an appointment  PURCHASE THE KIT HERE


Kids and baby footprints momentoes cast in glass

Looking for something unique, look no further our Slumped glass feet and hand prints* make an amazing keepsake. 

Just about to have your first grandchild? Off to a baby shower? New niece or nephew? These bespoke glass items are perfect for you! 

Escape Glass Footprint Gift vouchers are available online and in store. Please call to make an appointment 03 2145012.


kids Footprints in glass baby newborn and children cast in glass at Invercargill Escape Glass factory

All prices are based on 200mm x 200mm square glass and include GST.
Unfortunately we are unable to offer handprints for Newborn - 3 year olds, only footprints. Handprints are for 4+ year olds only. 

Customise your etching with one of our available fonts.

Group/Multiple Footprints and Handprints in one piece of glass.

For more information and pricing  for groups and multiple hands/feet please email or call us 03 2145012 to discuss.


*This product is only available on site in our Invercargill Forth Street Factory.

The whole experience takes around 15-30 minutes. 


 baby kids Hand Print panels in slumped glass like momentoes baby child glass foot prints in slumped glass like momentoes - cast in glass Double hands slumped in glass

 "I have this - done 8.1/2 years ago actually a little longer she was only 4 days old - absolutely love love love it - it still amazes me how little she was - thank you 🙏 can only highly recommend getting this done" - KM, 2021 


Newborn - 2 years
2 years - 6 years
6 years+

BUNDLE DEAL (popular) 
Bundle includes 1x set Footprints for under 7 years, 1x Etching and 
1x Frame or Stand


$price on request


3 years - 6 years
6 years+

$price on request

All ages

$price on request


Name and date/age along bottom
Name and date/age along top

Available Fonts




Available in 6 colours
Black, Natural Oak, White, Brown , Rimu and Rustic White. 


Bundle Deals available in store or via our online booking system for $160
This includes one set of glass footprints, the name/age etched at the bottom and your choice of a standard frame or small stand. **

Get your Vouchers here - they make great gifts for mummas to be.Handprint and footprints in textured patterned glass cast momentoes

CONTACT US TODAY TO BOOK AN APPOINTMENT 032145012 or use our online booking portal. 

** If you are matching any sets from previous years please bring these with you to your appointment for us to accurately match fonts and sizing. Please note that due to changes in manufacture frames are often discontinued and replaced with versions that are similar but not exact. Sizing of fonts varies too as there is a standard size, larger fonts are available on request.

        Footprints vouchers 

Purchase an at home kit to create moulds of your childrens feet to send us if you cannot make it to an appointment  PURCHASE THE KIT HERE


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