Glass patterns


Slumped glass with a textured finish combines organic and directional elements for large panel sizes, creating decorative divider walls or partitions in corporate spaces. Colour finishes are available for added customisation. Use as cladding or facades in hotel or corporate lobbies for a front entrance statement.

  • Explore Slumped Textured Glass in Various Thicknesses for Your Design Needs. We created slumped panels from 6mm and 10mm to 70mm+ thick glass.
  • Our work can be supplied in safety toughened (tempered) or annealed glass.
  • Panels can be produced up to 1800mm x 3000mm in clear, green, grey or low iron glass/crystal clear glass.
  • The maintenance free, non-porous surface of our slumped glass allows the glass to appear bright, new, and clean, for many years to come.

Some popular patterns include:

Subway Tile splashback in glass


Subscape - Get the look of subway tiles but without the grout. Low maintenance, hygienic, easy care and beautiful. This new pattern is available in any size and any colour from the Resene or Dulux colour range. 
Schist Pattern Splashback in Grey


The detail in the texture provides a clear visual of an authentic schist surface, while also mimicking the mortar lines which separate the schist bricks. This unique splashback pattern that is much like tiles but with the ease of glass.


A staple in our standard pattern collection is our Adrenaline slumped textured Glass. The texture mimics a waterfall with substantial grooves spread across the glass. Adrenalines unique design provides maximum levels of opacity and privacy, while still allowing a substantial amount of light to come through. Often paired with backlighting or coated in a bright colour, Adrenaline will bring life and creativity to any space.

Fern Textured glass pattern


The detail in the texture brings a natural kiwiana element to life. This unique splashback pattern that is made with real ferns, each hand foraged. This pattern adds luxury and makes a subtle statement. 

Baby Corrugate or hand made Reeded and Tread textured Glass

reeded flute glass industrial tread obscure glass

Pictured above:
Corrugate in clear - 10mm (left), Baby corrugate in clear glass - 6mm (centre) and painted silver tread glass - 6mm (right). 

Our corrugated glass is similar to broad/narrow reeded glass and can be customised to include flat edges for entry into channel or framework. It can be put into double glazed units and can also be safety toughened for use in showers, balustrading, doors, partitions and more. 


Frenzy 10mm slumped toughened glass door with LED lights
Pressed tin splashback in glass
Pressed Tin B Splashback
in Resene Silver White Pearl 
Anaglypta and Conformity swirls together in a splashback
12mm Baby Corrugate used in balustrading inside
manapouri mountain
Mountain Scene in clear glass on a white wall
- Manapouri, New Zealand
Escape Route running horizontally
in the the Resene colour Durville
This pattern can go vertical or horizontal. 
coffee bean pattern splashback pattern
Coffee Bean pattern on a small sample in clear glass
Custom mountain scene in glass splashback
The Taranakis - Mountain Range in Southland, New Zealand in Resene Seahunter