Robax Fireplace Glass

Robax glass is a transparent ceramic that is suitable for use in wood, gas, pellet, and coal burning applications. It can be used in most any High temperature application.

Available in 5mm thick panels. 

It is an extremely heat-resistant, transparent glass ceramic which can be produced in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to meet your specific needs.

It has all the advantages of a true temperature miracle: thanks to its extremely low thermal expansion, this glass ceramic is not affected by extremely high temperatures or substantial temperature shifts and differences.

It has thus proved a reliable window for room heating devices such as fireplaces and stoves for more than 20 years. Onlookers can enjoy the dancing flames and cozy warmth, are protected from flying sparks, and make optimum use of energy through targeted regulation of ingoing air and flue gas.

The brand name ROBAX® stands for our transparent glass ceramic for the usage in fireplaces and heating stoves.


Mechanical properties

Density ρ approx. 2,6 g/cm3 (bei 25 °C)

Bending Strength σbB approx. 35 MPa

Impact Strength: The strength of glass ceramic is material constant. It is dependent on the size and thickness of the panel, the finish condition (edge working, drillings, etc.), usage conditions, (kind and distribution of defects on the surface), and the time related and kind of impact load and the type of panel installation. The norms to be fulfilled regarding the required strength resistance in the application field of fireplaces differ according to the individual region

Chemical properties

The chemical composition of ROBAX® complies with the requirements for glass ceramic in accordance with EM 1748 T2. ROBAX® is made of ecologically safe raw materials. The glass can be re-used through recycling of the material 

Surface modifications occurring during use ROBAX® has a high degree of resistance to surface attack. In individual cases, however, surface modifications may occur under critical conditions, e.g. corrosive combustion gases (formation of acid and high temperatures).

Optical properties

ROBAX glass® offers an excellent transparency both in the visual and in the IR-range of the heat reflection, providing a best possible view onto the fire and a cozy feeling of warmth.