Pet Memorials

Pet dogs and memorials for pets that have diedPaying respect and honouring a pet, place, or significant individual is best achieved through a plaque.

Our products are personalised to cater to individual needs, ensuring a stress-free experience for you. We'll fulfil your specific requirements and any special requests you may have.

These memorial plaques can be displayed on various surfaces like walls, crematoriums, lawns, and memorials.

We can also create fused glass plaques for crematoriums or vase fronts upon request.


Each plaque is 10mm thick slumped Glass, available in any standard colour (including kaleidoscopic colours) and Pattern and includes a draft mock up with up to 3 changes.

 SIZE Details Pricing
8cm x 15cm Up to 80 letters for the inscription $195.00 inc GST
10cm x 20cm 

Up to 100 letters for the inscription

$265.00 inc GST

13cm x 23cm

Up to 120 letters for the inscription

$355.00 inc GST

15cm x 20cm Up to 120 letters for the inscription $355.00 inc GST


Custom sizes and pricing available on request additional letters for wording are $1.50 inc GST per letter.

Junior - pet memorial from glass


in colour are +$75 inc GST each for a 5cm x 5cm size image and go up in price accordingly as the shape gets larger, examples in the gallery at the bottom of this page. You can add them to your plaque order HERE

Slumped images/shapes (50mmx50mm) in the back of the glass start at $50 inc GST and go up in price as the size gets larger. These are usually hand drawn and you can have almost any shape, within reason. You will see the shape clearly in your initial draft - see examples, pricing and more HERE, add one to your plaque order online, examples in the gallery at the bottom of this page.

Ceramic photographs/images start at $200 inc GST (each) for an 8cm x 11cm oval or rectangle. There are larger and smaller sizes available on request. Examples in the gallery at the bottom of this page. You can add them to your plaque order HERE 

berm recumbent memorial plaque base in black granite

Bases/Recumbents start at $195 inc GST (each) for a concrete base suitable for anything under 200x300mm in size.
Black Granite berms/bases start at $250 inc GST and go up in size and price depending on the required size as these are all made to measure.


Our Plaques are also available in other custom sizes and colours. Please talk to a staff member today for a quote - or email us using the form at the bottom of the page.  


We will tailor all layouts and inscription needs based on your requirements and suggestions. Escape Glass offer a variety of fonts and lettering, headings, and epitaphs for the memorial. In order to give you a sense of what the final product is going to look like, we offer a digital mock-up for each plaque.

It is possible to add hand-painted designs to the front of our plaques with things such as flowers (such as the rose on this design of an open book plaque). For an approximate 5cm x 5cm shape/image, prices start at $75 inc GST each and go up from there 

For inspiration and ides please visit our IMAGE LIBRARY FOR ETCHING/ENGRAVING SHAPES 

Please note that the inscriptions and wording look best in white, gold or silver. 

All plaques are available in standard glass colours or from our kaleidoscopic colour changing range. 


The fonts and imagery you choose are all up to you, and we can be of assistance with any image or word sourcing you may need.  Each glass plaque is proofed digitally and a mock-up is created before the glass plaque is made. It is free for you to make up to three additional changes to your plaque.  

Dog wearing cool sunglasses


We can arrange installation in the lower South Island or have your glass work shipped New Zealand wide via courier, the standard shipping cost for this is $45.00 inc GST nationwide.  You can also install the memorial plaque yourself, view the installation guide HERE

If the plaque you have ordered is to be installed in Southland, we can arrange installation for you. Installation costs will depend on the location and the amount of travel or work required to install, pricing varies from job to job on request. 

Most memorial gardens, crematoriums and cemeteries require a permit that will be added to the installation cost. It is also highly recommended you check for any size requirements as many cemeteries/Memorial Gardens have strict size restrictions.

Please get in touch with your local cemetery or memorial gardens/crematorium for their permit charges and information, or contact us on 03 2145012 or at and we can make contact on your behalf.

Please check all bylaws with individual councils before installing or purchasing glass headstones.  All headstones/memorials must be installed according to the NZS 4242:2018 NZ Standard Headstones and Cemetery Monuments.


We have agents located all over New Zealand (and sometimes further afield) ready to help with measuring jobs, installation and providing quotes and sample glass. Please call us 032145012 or email to find your nearest agent. Most headstones and memorial plaques are handled directly through our Invercargill factory remotely. 



All headstones and Plaques are available to purchase via afterpay or laybuy once they have been priced and finalised. 




In order for us to give you an accurate quote please answer the following questions and send them to or into the below contact form.

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