Conformity Pattern

Conformity textured glass pattern without the swirl Conformity textured luxury glass pattern with the swirl

Sample Name

Waved lines - this is available with or without the swirl


The moulds used in the kiln forming process are custom created by Escape Glass – These can be designed as per clients design brief.

Kiln Formed Glass

  • Kiln forming is a glass working technique that relies on the combination of heat and gravity. It is similar to slumping except the moulds do not have the design depth associated with slumped glass. Float glass (flat glass) is placed over a mould then heated in a kiln until it turns malleable. The glass then takes on the surface texture of the mould on one side.
  • Kiln formed glass is also known as kiln textured glass.

Production technique

Kiln Formed


Clear | Grey | Green | Low Iron

Maximum panel size

3.3m x 1.25m

Panel thickness

6mm | 8mm | 10mm | 12mm | 15mm | 19mm | Above 20mm - custom fused

Panel Strength Available in Toughened or Annealed



Suitable use

Splashback | Door Panel | External Partition Screen | Furniture Inlay | Internal Partition Screen | Internal Window | Light Fitting | Balustrade | Table Top | Wall Cladding


Grey tint conformity textured slumped glass shower door

10mm Grey tint toughened glass for shower in conformity with swirl