Looking to add luxury to your home? Try Glass.

Looking to add luxury to your home? Try Glass.

If you have decided to add something luxurious and unique to your home, then what you need is our custom made slumped glass. It has been uniquely designed to add value and flair to your home.

Custom made slumped glass products are handcrafted works of arts installed by trusted installers and used mostly for splashbacks, front entrances, shower enclosures, room dividers, and other areas in the house.

Slumped Glass is becoming trendy again with many using it as a focal piece of any space. It is recognised for being not only unique but handmade and can be used in kitchens, bathrooms, shower enclosures, mirrors, tables, room dividers/partitions and much more.

There are so many benefits of using Escape Slumped Glass in your home. In today’s real estate market, houses with custom-made glass features add to the value of the house.

Other benefits of installing custom-made slumped textured and patterned glass in your home include the following:

  • It makes a simple room attractive and gives a personal touch to the area. It makes the space look luxe and unique.
  • Custom made slumped glass comes in various styles, colours, textures, and sizes giving the buyer many options to choose from to suit any style.
  • It is unique in that they can be designed to match any existing décor and textures in your home, or alternatively it can be customised from scratch to suit your taste.
  • It offers privacy to the areas of the home, especially in the bathrooms, windows, doors, and entranceways.

So finally, if you need custom-made art glass that has been carefully designed to utilise light, texture, and colour, then it’s time to get in touch.

Escape Glass is a boutique glass studio with skilled artists and expert technicians engaged in the creation of one of a kind works of art in glass. At Escape Glass, we create a wide range of glass applications including traditional flat painted glass, deep carved glass (slumped textured glass), etched glass, and kiln formed glass.

Our boutique-sized approach enables each client an opportunity to work directly with our artists – assuring quality craftsmanship and project satisfaction. All our custom-made slumped glass panels cover a variety of function and expression. From transforming the mood of an entryway, serving as open partitions, achieving maximum daylight, to obscuring unsightly views while maintaining privacy.

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