Why just have plain glass?…. Slump it!

Why just have plain glass?…. Slump it!

Plain glass is a thing of the past... 

Slumped glass introduces another dimension to glass. Our handmade slumped glass can offer you the privacy you require while still allowing light to come through, it can also add an element of luxury to any space as an artwork or Splashback. Did we mention its incredibly low-maintenance? 

Slumped glass has two sides, one being silky smooth and the other being textured. The smooth side faces out while the textured side is up against the wall for splash backs making them easy to keep clean. For showers the smooth side faces the water. 


Slumped subway tile glass splash back

Wherever you use glass you can substitute slumped glass, from shower screens and room dividers, to signage, splashbacks, artwork, platters, water features, doorways and enclosures. 

Some of the features of our slumped glass include:

  • Certification to New Zealand standards
  • Ability to coat the glass any colour from the Resene or Deluxe colour range
  • Clear, Low Iron, Bronze, Green, Grey and Blue tints available
  • 6mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm thickness
  • Toughened, Grade A safety
  • Unlimited design possibilities
  • Custom patterns and designs
  • A ready range of up to 20 standard textures
  • Full customisation
  • Friendly staff
  • One of a kind pieces

At Escape Glass we have been creating features in slumped glass for over 20 years and there isn't much more we love than making something unique for you.

So if you are looking for a way to upgrade your kitchen or bathroom and add a little luxe, talk to us today. We ship nationwide (even further afield if needed!).

Estimates are free, all we need is your measurements and address, we may even have an agent near you!

email us sales@esacpeglass.com for more information or give us a call on 032145012 today.  

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