Why bother with a Glass kitchen backsplash?

Why bother with a Glass kitchen backsplash?

Why bother with a Glass kitchen backsplash?

Kitchen glass splashbacks are made of a non-porous materials which immediately makes them easy to clean. This means that liquids and spills can't soak in, making it easy to wipe off after a full-on Jamie Oliver inspired cooking session. Glass Splashbacks are also a wonderful way to protect the walls from food splatters and grease stains as well as looking great!

Above Colour: Copper Fire Metallic    -   Pattern: Reality

They are a relatively affordable option compared to other kitchen renovations.

If you’re looking for a relatively affordable way to update your kitchen and improve the value of your home, changing the kitchen backsplash is a straightforward, affordable option. A small investment in tiles and a tiler can completely change the look of your kitchen, without needing to completely remodel.

They add a touch of style and personality to your kitchen.

Graphics on glass, slumped textured glass splashbacks or even flat glass, offer a creative canvas on which you can show off your personality and style. With most new builds and renovations opening spaces up to be open plan living, your splashback makes a beautiful accent wall that doubles as what we like to describe as a giant art feature.

Above: Colour: Resene Green House   -   Pattern: Custom Mountain Scene

Should your splashback be lighter or darker than than your bench?

Many people can't decide if their splashback should be lighter or darker than their chosen benchtop. In general, it’s often best to choose a colour that compliments the space as a whole rather than competes with it. Consider the underlying tones rather than the shades themselves – is your kitchen a cool colour palette or warm?

Or you know what disregard everything and focus on creating an eye-catching our of the ordinary splashback. Aim for less is more and pick a single bold colour or a combination of complimentary colours, if you are opting for your splashback being the feature and going with something busy and patterned, simple benchtops are the best option.  


Left: Colour - Resene Green House
Pattern: Custom Mountain Scene

Right: Colour - Resene Double Truffle
Pattern: Freescape


What colour goes with white cabinets?

If you are looking to match white cabinets, and add light, lighter shades are great. A light green or pale blue could be a great option such as Periglacial from Resene or Double Truffle for a touch of luxe. These colours will reflect the light and make your kitchen appear brighter. If you want something more colourful, try a brick-red or canary-yellow backsplash. These will add personality and brightness to your kitchen.

Above: Colour: Periglacial Blue Resene   -   Pattern: Fern/Natural Escape

Is a white backsplash an option?

White is a popular choice for kitchen splashbacks as it can brighten up the space and create a feeling of cleanliness. It also goes well with a range of other colours. White splashbacks are neutral, clean looking and a great way to make the appliances your feature. 

Colour: Silver White Pearl
Pattern: Schist

What is the best splashback for a small kitchen?

The best backsplash for a small kitchen is one that doesn’t compete with the rest of the space. A light-coloured, simple design will help to make your kitchen appear larger. If you have a dark-coloured countertop, consider using a light-coloured splashback to brighten up the space.

Colour: Turquoise
Pattern: Logic

How much does it cost to install a kitchen splashback?

The cost of a kitchen splashback can vary drastically depending on the size of your kitchen and the type of glass you use. Get in touch with us today for a free estimate. sales@escapeglass.com  or call us on .03214501.
We ship nationwide.

So, whether you’re looking for a contemporary splashback to compliment traditional home décor or you want to add some serious personality with a bold design, we hope you're now feeling inspired.


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