What you need to know about headstones in 2023

What you need to know about headstones in 2023

Picture yourself walking through a cemetery on a sunny day, surrounded by headstones. While walking through the rows, you spot one in particular. While it's not the biggest or the most elaborate, something about it grabs your attention. Getting closer, you see it's a simple, elegant headstone made from slumped glass. It's a gorgeous tribute to their lives and passions.Having them remembered in such a special way gives you a sense of peace and comfort.

Maybe you're looking for something unique, something that reflects your loved one's personality. Imagine a glasstonewith a bold, colorful abstract design carved into it. An adventurous, free-spirited headstone that really captures your loved one's spirit and stands out in a sea of more traditional ones.

It doesn't matter if you're looking for something classic or contemporary, there are countless options available in 2023. It's never been easier to find the perfect headstone with online shopping.

So take your time, explore your options, and choose a headstone that best reflects your loved one's extraordinary life and legacy.


Is it possible to build a headstone of any size?

Most cemeteries have bylaws regarding the size of headstones that can be installed. You will receive advice from our staff on what you can and cannot have, and we can help handle any council permits and paperwork. The public is generally not allowed to erect memorials in public cemeteries.


Is a council bylaw required?

Some cemeteries have restrictions on headstone and plaque sizes and sometimes even designs. These you will apply to the council for yourself.
In most public and private cemeteries and Urupa, as long as we adhere to the size requirements, we can 
install any headstone design you like.


What are the chances of us installing the headstone ourselves?

It is generally not allowed for families to install in a public cemetery unless they are qualified, approved contractors. Also, we work extensively in private cemeteries and Urupas, where families are often able to do their own installation. When necessary, we can advise on the most effective way to install by providing clear and easy-to-followinstructions. 


What is the expected turnaround time for the headstone?

From the time the draft layout is signed until the headstone is ready for installation, it usually takes up to 12 weeks. 
Please note that custom memorial headstones will take longer to produce — up to 15 weeks and sometimes slightly longer - so please keep this in mind when planning your unveiling.


What are the shipping options for the Pacific islands?

Yes, of course! Samoa, Tonga, and Fiji are among the Pacific Islands we ship to. Assuring the safe arrival of the memorial is our goal, so we will help you arrange shipping insurance and provide all the necessary details. 






Is it possible to ship a headstone anywhere in the world?

Shipping anywhere is no problem for us. The crating, shipping, and freight forwarding paperwork are handled by us. Usually, we ship to all Pacific Island regions, as well as to Australia and Norfolk Island.

Glass headstone cross made in New Zealand

Is it possible to change the design once I see a draft?

That's right. An artist will design a draft layout of what your inscription will look like on the headstone. 
Obviously, this is only a draft, and changes are common and expected. Once the draft is approved, the artist will proceed to engrave the inscription into the headstone. The finished product will be far more accurate and detailed than the draft version. 


What colours can I have?

Our website has a range of colour options for you to choose from, please view the glass colours here to see what is available.


Am I able to have a photo?

Yes, of course you can! Having a ceramic photograph or graphic image of your family member is a nice way to remember them. The use of modern photo techniques ensures that the photo will never fade. 
If you need any graphic work done, we are more than capable of helping you out.


Can I get help with the design and layout?

Certainly, we have the experience necessary to advise you on the best way to lay out the text, what graphics will complement the wording, which fonts will be most suitable, and any other questions you may have. 


Can someone help me with the inscription?

We have a knowledgeable and experienced team that can help you with the wording for your headstone. 
Please feel free to call us, or come into one of our offices and discuss options with us in person if you are having trouble with the inscription. 
We have a wide range of ideas on what to put on a headstone here. 


Is it possible to add to the inscription at a later date?

That's right. You will be able to add more details at a later time if necessary.
Take a moment to think about the future. 
There is going to be only one person commemorated on the headstone – or will there be a further inscription to be added later on?


Can I have verses or poems on the headstone?

You do not have to stick to certain rules when it comes to what should be included in a memorial, as long as it does not offend anyone, you are free to put whatever you are comfortable with. Inscriptions generally follow a similar pattern, but that does not mean that you cannot include something unique and personal that is special to your family member by making it specific to them.

Can I put a verse on the base too?

Yes, you can have a verse or phrase inscribed on the headstone or the base.


Is there a list of fonts that can be used - if so, what are they?

As part of the graphic design team's job, we keep a large collection of fonts on hand. Let us know if you would like a specific font, and we will do our very best to make sure you get exactly what you want.


What accessories do you sell? Vases, ceramic cherubs, roses, planters?

We can source ornaments, vases and other memorabilia. Please ask our sales staff what you are looking for and we will try to locate it for you.

Can we install it ourselves?

Yes, if council regulations allow it. 
Be aware that most public, council-run cemeteries do not allow anyone but a qualified monumental mason to install a headstone for Health and Safety reasons. 
We can provide advice & guidance on 
installing a headstone if you are installing yourselves.


Does your cost include the lettering and graphics on the headstone? 

Most headstones come with a standard inscription and a few graphics. Depending on how much time we spend on creating a usable image, we might charge for specific graphics or family designs.


How do I clean a headstone?

Clean up a headstone with warm soapy water and a good cloth, then rinse off with clean water. If the memorial is really dirty, window cleaner or methylated spirits work too, but give us a call so we can explain what to do. We wouldn’t recommend anything harsher or abrasive.


What is the cost of a headstone - size, shape, stone colour, and added costs?

It depends on the size, shape, design, and sometimes even the colour of the glass. There's a bit more cost involved with a shaped memorial. The cost of installing a memorial may also be affected by travel. Prices can be provided for any of the headstones we have in our collection online, and we can price and make a custom headstone to your specifications if you like. Send us a drawing and we will reply with a price alongside a digital mock up.


What’s the life expectancy of a headstone?

A headstone should last for many, many years. The lettering will likely need to be refurbished after a period of time but the headstone itself should never need to be replaced.


What are your payment terms? Deposit, paid for in full on pick-up, paid before installation?

We ask for a deposit of 50% for all glass orders made with Escape Glass, with the balance due when the stone is either ready to be picked up by family members or it has been installed. Some families choose to pay off their memorial in full before it is installed.


Can I pay a headstone off? – Do you have finance arrangements?

We don't really have finance arrangements. However, if the deposit is paid we will consider a payment plan with a time frame of 3 months to have the balance paid at no interest. This does need to be discussed at the point of sale. There are other online payment alternatives that we are happy to work out with you such as Afterpay and Laybuy. 

 Pet marker memorial glass remembrance plaque

Do you do pet memorials?

We do any and all types of memorials, pets included. 


What do you need from the customer? 

Once you've chosen the type of headstone you want, we'll need the inscription. We can help you with this. Just make sure the names are spelled right, the dates, any verses, graphics, and the photo you'd like on the headstone. Using the details you provided, our staff will build the inscription and then you'll get a draft layout of what your headstone will look like. After families approve the draft, we'll start working on the headstone.


Would it be possible to talk to someone about the headstone?

Come see us at our factory in Invercargill. Please feel free to call in any time and discuss what is involved in producing a headstone with our supportive and friendly team.

You can also email us on sales@escapeglass.com with a drawing/layout idea or even just a list of the wording you want and any dates/additional requirements and we can do the rest.

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