Rise of the Corrugated Pattern Glass trend

Rise of the Corrugated Pattern Glass trend

Tiffany & Co. building corrugated glass

Installation of the wavy glass curtain wall has begun on the steel-framed addition atop Tiffany & Co.’s flagship store at 727 Fifth Avenue in Midtown, Manhattan. Designed by OMA partners Shohei Shigematsu and Jake Forster, the project involves a three-story addition over the original roof line of the 71-year-old Art Moderne building... CallisonRTKL is the architect of record and Peter Marino Architects is handling the interior renovations for the iconic jewelry store...Completion on the new Tiffany & Co. interiors and vertical addition is expected by next spring.

Structure Tone is the company working on this amazing project. Tiffany & Co. Corrugated glass wavy glass building addition New York

Corrugated glass is one type of industrial and commercial glass that was once used almost exclusively in factories. Now, Escape Glass, has the ability to replicate this style (maybe not quite on the scale of the Tiffany & Co. building) for practical use around your residential and/or commercial spaces.

We are seeing more and more demand for reeded and flute style glass, unfortunately this is getting harder and harder to get, especially in toughened glass.

So, we have come up with a solution to this and are trying to ensure word gets out that we make our own corrugated pattern style slumped glass. 

There are two wave pattern sizes, one at 25mm wide and the other at 50mm wide (approx.)
The glass is available in 6mm, 10mm, 12mm and 19mm thick glass, but please be sure to call us and check that it works with your dimensions as conditions apply. 

All corrugated slumped glass can be toughened. 

corrugated patterned obscure glass - slumped baby corrugate balustrading NZCorrugate patterned slumped glass is available in a range of coloured tints including Clear, Low Iron, Green, Grey, Blue, Blue Green and Bronze (subject to availability).

Corrugated patterned obscure glass can be used a multitude of ways. Bathrooms are using this more and more to create a contemporary feel and allow a little added privacy. The Block renovation show has used reeded glass in the past adding to it's popularity. 

Corrugated patterened slumped glass is the perfect style for balustrading. allowing enough light to come through while still creating a privacy barrier. 

What would you do with corrugated glass?
An office partition? Window? Balustrading? Shower? Privacy Panel?
Let us know, we are always looking for new ideas. 


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