Proud to be one of New Zealand's only Glass Headstone manufacturers!

Did you know? We are one of New Zealand's only Glass Headstone manufacturers!

Escape Glass have been making glasstones for 15+ years and can guarantee they will stand up to anything nature throws at them. Our Glasstones are also:
  • Non-pourous
  • They reflect light 💠
  • Stand out from the rest
  • Eco-friendly 🌿
  • Unique and custom made
  • Long lasting - up to thousands of years!
  • Shipped nationwide!
  • Just as tough as granite
We manage the process of any inscriptions and photos making it seamless. We can also arrange installation in the lower South Island or have your glass work shipped New Zealand wide.
Custom headstones are available in many colours, sizes & shapes. We encourage you to personalise each piece with names, dates & inscriptions. If you wish you can also add special touches including dedications, imagery, quotations & photos. Granite and concrete bases can also be arranged and ordered through us. Crematorium Plaques available too. 
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glass crematorium plaque glass headstone 

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  • I love the glass headstones but what are the chances of this breaking? and the fading of the words how long does this last

    Leanne Fowler

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