Make your splashback the feature of your next kitchen

Make your splashback the feature of your next kitchen

Make your kitchen splashback the feature

The many years of experience we have working in the design world with a focus on composition, colour, and detail mean there isn't much we can't do. In addition, we understand that it can be challenging for customers to 'visualize' different design decisions. For a better understanding of how printed splashbacks will look in your kitchen or bathroom, I can superimpose a few of my images onto a photo of your kitchen. We will use the latest digital technology to ensure the effect is realistic and accurate. This way, you can get a good idea of what the finished product will look like without committing to it. We are confident you will be satisfied with the results.

Size / Resolution - Choosing an image to print in large format requires a high resolution. With lower quality images, enlargement tends to be extremely unforgiving. We recommend at least 3000 x 4000 pixels at close to 300dpi (or larger than a 5mb file). The bigger, the better. The larger the file size, the more detail is captured in the image. This is necessary to ensure that when the image is enlarged, it maintains its clarity and sharpness.

In addition to any high resolution image printed onto low iron (crystal clear) toughened safety glass, cut-outs for power points, holes, and custom shapes are all possible during manufacturing. For the best quality images when enlarged, stock photo sites or photos larger than 5MB are recommended. We have an in-house designer to check the quality of these for you if you are unsure. For example, if your image size is smaller than 5MB, our designer will be able to advise you on the highest resolution or alternative image option to ensure that your splashback is printed with the highest quality.

Shape / Orientation - The orientation of an image is important in order to fit the glass panel with the least amount of cropping. Kitchen splashbacks are usually wide horizontally, so they lend themselves well to panoramic 'landscape' photos. A portrait orientation is better for shower liners. For wall art, the orientation of the image depends on the wall size and shape. To make the wall look nicer, frame the image to match the wall size and shape. Before printing, consider the image's orientation carefully for the best results. 

Make sure that power points and shower hardware are placed in accordance with key elements in the image to get the best possible outcome.
Theme - Colours in the kitchen (or bathroom) should be considered as well as whether the style is modern or traditional. Photographic imagery works well in modern kitchens, while printed textures (granite/marble, etc) work well in traditional kitchens. Artwork can also be used to add flavour to the space. For a modern kitchen, abstract artwork is a great choice, while for a traditional kitchen, artwork with more detailed designs and colours is better. Wallpaper is also an option for both modern and traditional kitchens.

Focal Point - I It is always a good idea to arrange objects in kitchens and bathrooms to give the room a sense of balance. Images are no different. If your kitchen has a rangehood, you might want the focal point of your photo to be directly underneath it. This will help to create an even flow throughout the room and make the most of the space you have. It will also draw the eye to the focal point. As well as making it look nice, it can create harmony and balance.
Brightness - It is important to remember that the image you see on a screen is back-lit and illuminated. The backlighting of printed glass would have to be extensive to make it look 'exactly' as it does on screens. Please take this into consideration and always request a sample print. All Escape Glass customised kitchen splashback designs for images on glass come with a free small, but scaled, sample in full colour. 

Measure / Quote - We offer a free, no obligation quote for all customers with provided measurements. There is a small fee to come out and measure but this is waived once you have chosen to go ahead. Installation costs apply. Our consultant will have the tools on hand to conduct a final measure when we arrive. Due to the size of our staff/business we do require all measure-ups to have a pre-made booking. We measure jobs in Southland and the lower Central Otago and Otago regions. Quotes are provided within 24-48 hours of the job being measured.

To do a final measurement, the kitchen has to be finished, with all the benchtops and cupboards installed. We cut the glass to shape, then toughen it so we can't change it halfway through. Walls behind the glass need to be pretty flat, but any holes or blemishes will be hidden by the image.

The Process / Proof - On acceptance of a quote we will conduct a consult to ensure we have your design correct and print you a miniature scaled sample to check for any errors. The glass is then ordered and cut to the accurate size, toughened and the edges are polished. On approval of the printed sample/proof we will create your masterpiece. When the glass is complete we will call and arrange the installation with you.



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