Glass Signage that Speaks Volumes

Glass Signages have certainly come to be a sign of growth and changing times.

More than just a tool for information giving, signboards are catching eyeballs, grabbing attention and garnering the much-needed impact your business needs. And when it comes to emerging trends in custom signage, handmade slumped glass is right up there!

Escape Glass's evolution is a colour coated & hand patterned slumped glass that is ideally suited for signage design. It can be creatively used with up or down lighting for office reception backgrounds to give a contemporary & sophisticated appearance. These look fantastic in shared kitchens with LED lights too! 

Signage Design demands a high degree of aesthetic appeal and Escape Glass guarantees just that. It is glossy, glamorous and a great way to add a touch of creativity to your workplace. As it is a colour coated glass, it comes in an extensive range of colours. This is perfect for matching your chosen branding colours. Choosing a combination of colours can significantly enhance the look & feel of slumped glass Signage.


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