Glass showers don't have to be boring, here's why

Glass showers don't have to be boring, here's why!

Slumped and textured glass for your shower doors is the perfect way to add luxury and low-maintenance upkeep without sacrificing practicality.

While the allure of various alternatives to glass shower doors may be appealing, it's important to recognise the benefits of slumped textured glass. Here's why this classic option remains a top choice for showers:

Shower glass on a sliding barn door style hanger - textured slumped glass in a fern nz pattern - melanie craig installation

Photo from Melanie Craig Interior Architecture, Wanaka

Timeless Aesthetic: Slumped textured glass exudes a timeless elegance that complements any bathroom décor. Its unique patterns and textures add depth and visual interest to the space, creating a luxurious ambiance that's hard to replicate with other materials.

Add privacy with textured slumped glass in handmade patterns for showers, doors and windows
Photo - Adrenaline slumped glass 

Privacy Without Compromise: Unlike clear glass, slumped textured glass offers enhanced privacy without sacrificing natural light. The subtle distortions in the glass obscure visibility while still allowing ample light to filter through, creating a bright and inviting shower environment.

grey tint slumped glass shower wall and screen to protect toilet and add privacy

Photo - Grey tint slumped glass in conformity with swirls pattern

Low Maintenance: One of the greatest advantages of slumped textured glass is its ease of maintenance. Unlike curtains or other alternatives, which may require frequent washing or replacement, slumped glass is durable and resistant to staining, making it a hassle-free option for busy households.

Slumped glass with ferns used for a free standing shower wall
Photo - Fern impression slumped textured glass for a free standing shower wall

Safety and Durability: Slumped textured glass is engineered to meet rigorous safety standards, offering superior strength and durability compared to other materials. Its tempered construction ensures that it can withstand everyday wear and tear, as well as accidental impacts, providing peace of mind for homeowners.

Slumped textured glass shower door - handmade kiln fired glass

Photo - Baby Corrugate/Reeded 10mm slumped glass 

Customisable Design Options: With slumped textured glass, you have the flexibility to customise the design to suit your personal style and preferences. Whether you prefer subtle patterns or bold motifs, there's a wide range of options available to help you achieve the perfect look for your shower enclosure.

... In summary, slumped textured glass remains the gold standard for shower enclosures, offering a perfect balance of style, privacy, and durability. While other alternatives may have their appeal, none can match the timeless elegance and practicality of slumped glass in creating a luxurious and functional shower space.

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