Choosing your Kitchen Splashback

Choosing your Kitchen Splashback





Glass Splashback in Natural Fern Escape Pattern - hand made bespoke glass splashback  

Splash backs in the kitchen are more than just an eye-catching design feature, a splash backs purpose is to protect the walls and panels around your kitchen from food & water splatter and should be heat resistant to protect behind hobs and benchtop appliances.

While splash backs provide a service in your kitchen that doesn’t mean to say they have to be dull necessities, the splash back these days is an import design feature and the right splash back can enhance your kitchens look in a spectacular fashion.

There is a range of materials to choose from and the colour and texture possibilities are discussed here.

A splash back has a purpose to protect the walls and to provide a fire-resistant surface behind hobs and appliances and so this limits the range of materials you can choose from.

It is worth noting early on in any renovation of a kitchen, if you are going to have a gas hob, installing fire resistant gib on the wall behind the hob before your new kitchen is installed is a wise move.

Your builder can advise on this and some splashback materials specify fire resistant gib lining to meet building regulations.

The most common Splashback material for kitchens in New Zealand is Toughened glass.


Glass splashbacks

Painted Glass Splash backs:

Colours are an exciting part of designing a glass splash back - the colour options for glass are unlimited with the entire Resene and Dulux colour range being on offer!

Whether you are after a subtle blend with your splash back or the introduction of a colour that you want to continue throughout the home, the depth and vitality created by back-painted glass offers you endless options with a surface that is easy to clean and very durable.

Glass splash backs are made with toughened glass to withstand heat and create a very strong surface suitable for every day food splashes, to withstand heat and are suitable for most cleaning products.

Painted glass splashbacks can come in standard sizes for a cost-effective option, generally in two sizes for behind hobs 600mm wide x 750mm high or 900mm wide x 750mm high.

However, most clients choose a custom-made splashback that not only goes behind the hob but extends around the all the walls that need protecting.

Glass is an easy clean surface and relatively easy to install and probably the most common splashback material in New Zealand currently.

Please remember that you must choose your cut-outs for power points, switches etc. before the glass is toughened, so when discussing your splash back with your Kitchen designer make sure you think carefully through how many power points or switches you are going to need on the various walls and where you would like them located, as once the glass is toughened & Installed it cannot be modified.

Just another point to be aware of is that some patterned splashbacks come in smaller sheet sizes and so you may not be able to have a pattern extend in one direction without a join, so it pays to check this early on, as joins can look unsightly in a patterned glass splashback.

Some of the types of glass splash backs available are as follows:

Digital Print Glass Splash backs:

Digital images printed onto glass offers you the opportunity to have a stunning piece of artwork in your kitchen or bathroom with its versatility acting as a splashback as well as artwork. Printed glass creates a beautiful and inspiring focal point for kitchens, bathrooms and commercial interiors.

Glass effects:

Effects Glass combine a variety of colours and finishes painted onto a range of textured and obscured glasses for a truly original glass finish. Glass effects textures include wood grain and a stone look, along with uniformed lines and patterns, all offering the benefits of a smooth glass face.

Digital Print Pictures on Glass:

For something a little different with amazing colors and depth, high resolution pictures and photos can be printed directly onto the back of glass, which, when looking through the front of the glass at the picture, the depth and the colours are portrayed vividly.

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