2022: The UN International Year of Glass

Did you know 2022 is set to be the International Year of Glass? You can expect to see themes of technology, social history and art showcased on multiple platforms and we feel proud to be part of this historic industry. 

The sector is abuzz with ideas on the leading role that glass can play in meeting sustainable development goals, contributing to the global economic recovery and building back better as part of this UN proposal - exciting times ahead...

Why dedicate a year to glass?
Because it is the material that, since the dawn of human civilization, has accompanied us in art and work, becoming a work of art, an instrument, a jewel.

Because it is an eco-sustainable material that, if well disposed of (and we have been able to do so for a long time), can be recycled practically indefinitely, truly being “friendly” towards the planet’s resources.

Because it is an invaluable material for its conservation properties and for the protection from any contamination it offers. Plus it looks amazing!

Why support the initiative?
It is important to focus the world’s attention on glass, its features and potentialities.

The project, already legitimated by a celebratory intent for the incredible history of glass in human life, art and technology, could also have a fundamental role in the future development of its use.

How are we getting involved?
We are looking at offering classes locally to show how slumped glass is made, we will be promoting our glass projects on our website and social media channels, we will be coming up with new innovative designs and products to showcase just how versatile, functional and beautiful glass truly is. 

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